Trotsky and Friends







The idea for Trotsky and Friends came about after reading an article stating that in January 1913, Trotsky, Freud, Stalin, Lenin and others were all living and working within a small area of Vienna.  This seemed too good to ignore, and after much research, a play was born. Trotsky and Friends premiered at the 2016 Melbourne International Comedy Festival – with most of our shows being sold out – and played in regional centres in July and August 2016.  We have plans to take it to other cities, and possibly even internationally.

Interviews, reviews and media for Trotsky and Friends:

ABC Central Vic radio interview – 21-7-16

Bendigo Advertiser article – 6-7-16

Weekend Notes review – 31-3-16

Radio National ‘Books and Arts’ interview – 24-3-16

SBS Radio interview with Vlady T (in Russian) – 23-3-16

Triple R ‘Room with a View’ interview – 7-3-16


Sweet Goodbyes

Sweet Goodbyes is a comedy about how death, religion and money can intertwine and affect a family.  I hope to premiere the play in the coming year.